About BudgetReads

BudgetReads aims at increasing the accessibility of books by bringing the buyers and sellers from the same location or educational organization at one place. Students often end-up spending a huge sum on purchasing new or used books from book stalls and book banks. However,in the pursuit of used books, the probability to reach the suitable book in a worthy condition for the price being paid is not pleasing.

We expand the ability of selling books in a secured and safe scheme. The website enables search using book and author by restricting location and institution. BudgetReads provides the option to donate books to the needy as well.

You now have a platform to buy and sell all types of books including educational, fiction, personality development books etc. Study materials that are available in the form of hand-written notes, CDs, and workbooks can also be posted.  Sellers are insisted in advertising only books and materials that are in good condition.

BudgetReads is one step destination to find books for all students and hobby readers in India. The moto of BudgetReads is to make books affordable for everyone and hence we do not collect any charges for posting and viewing ads.